Health: Concern About Teens And Liquid Incense

Health: Concern About Teens And Liquid Incense By Stephanie Stah lO ctober 21, 2010 at 6:00 pm Filed Under:High, Liquid Incense, Rush, Stephanie Stahl, teens PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a growing concern about teenagers getting high on something called liquid incense. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl finds out inhalants are making a come back, and doctors say it’s a dangerous trend. It’s called Rush, liquid incense sold in liquid or powder form. READ MORE: Health: Concern About Teens And Liquid Incense ; Philadelphia Police Commissioner Addresses Soaring Gun Violence With At Least 102 Homicides Just Months Into Year “This looks like an energy drink or a shot,” described Cherie Schmidt, a mother. Her son recently asked her about Rush that’s sold in some tobacco and head shops. “If it’s just something I can walk in and buy, like walking in and buy tobacco,” said Cherie. It has similar chemicals to popular inhalants used in the 1970’s and ’80’s known as whip-its or poppers. Rush products contain different varieties of nitrites. “Took a sniff, got very lightheaded and dizzy, and was shocked,” said Cherie. “The term rush came from what they do to the patient or to the person who is abusing them. Some people get addicted to the rush,” said Dr. Jim Diaz, a Family Medicine Specialist. He says some inhalants were used as sexual enhancers. READ MORE: Philadelphia Buildings, Landmarks Lit Up Blue To Remember Those Lost To COVID-19 “It’s also a drug that can cause a number of side effects from sight loss, blindness to heart attack,” said Dr. Diaz. Experts say Rush is becoming more popular, and they’re growing concern because it’s easy to get on the internet and in stores. “The biggest concern of our coalition has always been the easy access that our underage kids have when it’s being sold at a convenience store or gas station,” said James Becnel with Alliance of Concerned Citizens. “He’s 20. I figure, if my son is asking me about it, how many other kids out there are asking about?” said Cherie. In addition to incense, the inhalants are sometimes sold as potpourri, depending on the chemicals used. The products can be illegal in some states. MORE NEWS: Philadelphia-Based Health Team Says They’ve Been Forced To Throw Out Unused COVID Vaccines Due To Policy Change