Why do guys burn incense?

Why do guys burn incense? Originally Answered: Why do people use incense? There can be any number of reasons. It’d been used for millennia. For example: Religious….. there are a number of religions which use incense. Religious use of incense – Wikipedia For meditation. I’ve included this separate from religious uses as not all meditative practices are religious. As an air freshener. I’ve always preferred it to the commercial sprays To mask the smell of weed…. not altogether sure how successful this is, particularly if the smoker is using cannabis scented incense 🙂 In the 60’s & 70’s it was often automatically assumed that the incense was being used for this purpose. Sandalwood & citronella incenses are used as mosquito repellent, similar to mozzie coils but better smelling, less intense than the fragrance of the mozzie coil. I sometimes use them when we’re sitting on the deck in the evening. Are mosquito coils bad for your health? I was raised as a catholic, so for the first 15 years of my life I breathed in the scent of frankincense at least once a week. It was the only thing missed when I left the church. More than fifty years later I still burn incense. I have to leave it until the loved one is out of the house, he’s allergic. My preference is for the woody scents, frankincense, sandalwood or cedar. Not a fan of the sweeter smells.